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Graphic Novels

Tue, November 07 2017 11:25 am

Greetings EQ Family!

As promised, we have a special entry from Detroit Leadership Academy Auburn! Today’s post feature’s Ms. Trager’s class during Champion Hour. Ms. Trager teaches 7th grade Graphic Novels. I had the opportunity to chat with several students about learning the world of graphic stories. Specifically, I spoke with two 7th grade girls named Faith and DeEmerald. They are both 12 years old and Detroit natives. These are their stories:

What do you like the most about Graphic Novels?

Faith:  I like the characters. It’s fun to pretend to be someone else.

DeEmerald: I like the animation. I really like to read, and this class is not hard.

What do you learn about during Champion Hour?

Faith: We learn about different anime stories. I like horror and scary movies, so this is fun. We are reading a story about a ghost and it’s interesting.

DeEmerald: Yeah, I like anime too. Last week we read about a girl who battled a monster. I like how Ms. Trager picks different stories I’ve never heard of.

How does a typical day go?

Faith: Ms. Trager passes out a story and we read it in class.

DeEmerald: We choose characters and act them out aloud. I usually choose main characters because I like acting. Sometimes, I’ll choose smaller parts if I’m tired.

If you could choose another topic for Champion Hour, what would it be?

Faith: Theatre! I’m afraid of big crowds but I would try directing.

DeEmerald:  I would like an acting class. I like musicals the best.


The girls were excited to share their passion for animation. The classroom buzzed with pupils talking about characters and different themes. I was humbled to join a group of girls as they made character assignments. I was also able to catch up with Ms. Trager to get her insight on Champion Hour. She shared: “I’m really happy the students are enjoying the comics. I’m working on providing more structure around the lessons and creating more time to build relationships. I want them to share their opinions with each other and build more community in the classroom.” Overall, Champion Hour seems to be a success! The students are learning new things as well as making new friendships. Thank you to all those involved in this interview. As always, see you in classroom!


Champion Hour

Fri, November 03 2017 11:25 am

Greetings EQ Education Family!

We are back again with another exciting story from DetroitLeadership Academy – Auburn! Students have been going through many changes asof late. With a new schedule in place, students have more stability withintheir classes. Teachers are now tasked with moving to different classrooms.This helps students become more acclimated with their room as well as cut downon distractions in the hallway. One exciting new program is called ChampionHour! This is a period in which students can take a break from their regularcoursework and engage in a new activities. Programs range from chess, creativewriting, fantasy football – even Beyoncé! Students seemed excited to learn anew craft and engage with a different group of their peers. Champion Hour is aninnovative twist on electives. It helps foster curiosity about a variety oftopics as well as bridge new relationships among grade levels. It was inspiringto watch teachers speak passionately about topics they were interested in. Nextweek, we will feature stories talking about Champion Hour in the beginningstages. We will showcase several perspectives from admin and students alikedetailing their experience within their electives. Look out for theseinspirational stories in our next post.

Until then, see you in the classroom!