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Graphic Novels

Greetings EQ Family!

As promised, we have a special entry from Detroit Leadership Academy Auburn! Today’s post feature’s Ms. Trager’s class during Champion Hour. Ms. Trager teaches 7th grade Graphic Novels. I had the opportunity to chat with several students about learning the world of graphic stories. Specifically, I spoke with two 7th grade girls named Faith and DeEmerald. They are both 12 years old and Detroit natives. These are their stories:

What do you like the most about Graphic Novels?

Faith:  I like the characters. It’s fun to pretend to be someone else.

DeEmerald: I like the animation. I really like to read, and this class is not hard.

What do you learn about during Champion Hour?

Faith: We learn about different anime stories. I like horror and scary movies, so this is fun. We are reading a story about a ghost and it’s interesting.

DeEmerald: Yeah, I like anime too. Last week we read about a girl who battled a monster. I like how Ms. Trager picks different stories I’ve never heard of.

How does a typical day go?

Faith: Ms. Trager passes out a story and we read it in class.

DeEmerald: We choose characters and act them out aloud. I usually choose main characters because I like acting. Sometimes, I’ll choose smaller parts if I’m tired.

If you could choose another topic for Champion Hour, what would it be?

Faith: Theatre! I’m afraid of big crowds but I would try directing.

DeEmerald:  I would like an acting class. I like musicals the best.


The girls were excited to share their passion for animation. The classroom buzzed with pupils talking about characters and different themes. I was humbled to join a group of girls as they made character assignments. I was also able to catch up with Ms. Trager to get her insight on Champion Hour. She shared: “I’m really happy the students are enjoying the comics. I’m working on providing more structure around the lessons and creating more time to build relationships. I want them to share their opinions with each other and build more community in the classroom.” Overall, Champion Hour seems to be a success! The students are learning new things as well as making new friendships. Thank you to all those involved in this interview. As always, see you in classroom!