As a team, we operate as champions for our kids, our staff and our communities. We believe hard work, raw talent, humor, passion for our kids, and a little quirkiness are critical elements of any great school.

Join our team

At EQUITY, you can…

Make a difference in Detroit.

Our teachers are making a difference in the lives of the kids who need it the most. Each day, we are preparing the future leaders who will help make Detroit a vibrant city full of opportunity. 

Through committed partnerships with families and community organizations, we help create and sustain remarkable neighborhood schools. Our teachers and school leaders work closely with the communities we serve to create vibrant classrooms capable of providing a world-class education for all students. 

Join an experienced, mission-driven team.

We take our passion for equity in education and turn it into action. The EQUITY Education team is dedicated to building schools that we’d be excited to send our own children to attend. 

In addition to Detroit, we have worked across the country helping develop and sustain excellent schools in Boston, New York, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Nashville and Benton Harbor. We have worked with, and in, charter schools, traditional public schools and non-profits.

Produce breakthrough results for students.

We believe that creating and sustaining excellent and equitable schools for all children is the most critical issue today and that high quality education is the only way to change the life trajectory and outcomes for kids. We are relentless in our pursuit and refuse to accept anything less than remarkable schools for our kids, regardless of their zip code.

Learn and grow as an educator. 

We believe in people and relationships in order to maximize the potential within and across our organization. We know the most effective way to make lasting change in schools is by recruiting, developing and retaining strong teachers and leaders who are committed to their own development and our belief that all students have the potential to be remarkable. 

Receive a competitive salary & benefits package.

We know the importance of attracting and retaining top talent. That’s why EQUITY provides opportunities for our educators to earn incentives based on performance in the classroom and through achieving personal and district goals.  Experienced teachers new to EQUITY will receive the salary package that best correlates with years of experience and effectiveness. 


“I am so thankful to now work for Equity, as they have provided the school with what we need to realize our potential. Equity prioritizes our students in everything they do. They also invest in staff and take internal talent development seriously, providing meaningful growth opportunities in a profession that too often lacks them.” (Teacher)

“I believe in Equity’s impact, and cannot imagine working anywhere else.” (Teacher)

Working in Equity Schools has given me an opportunity to not only apply learned knowledge, but Equity Staff consistently encourage me to seek professional learning opportunities that develop my natural leadership ability. I appreciate the fact that I have been given a chance to develop, have been supported, and am comfortable taking risks while learning new skills. (Instructional Coach)

“I have been working with Equity Education for the last 2 years. Over the course of my career, I have never worked with a group of educators and leaders with a shared vision of student and teacher growth quite like what I have experienced with Equity.” (Teacher)

“Equity is different...we process with our heads as well as our hearts.  Yes, we are leading schools and managing people, however we believe in empathy, fairness and integrity.”  (School Principal)

“I'd love to connect with EQUITY around your talent-related initiatives- I've heard that you all are doing some of the best work on this issue in the Detroit context.” (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Educational Administration, The University of Texas at Austin)

We ask our team to believe in, deliver on and embody the following champion mindset:

Courage – we move beyond fear…we are stronger than the things that have tried to hurt us and model this for others…we take risks…we speak up, stand our ground and are bold in order to give a voice to those that may not yet know how to speak so they might be heard. 

Because champions fight for themselves and others. 

Compassion – we are kind…strong yet gentle…we listen. We remember that words have power and once said…cannot be taken back. We understand that everyone has a story…and it is that story that brought you here…to this place at this time…we withhold judgement and communicate to others that they are not alone. 

Because champions are human. 

Commitment - we show up, even when it's hard. And we know this work is hard and that there will be situations, decisions and information that will test you. But we do hard well. We are loyal. We are all in…all the time. We are relentless about the details so as little as possible is left to chance. 

Because champions show up…outwork, and never give up.

Conviction – we do what's right for kids, every single day. We are clear in what we believe and do not waiver. We measure our success by our honest reflection of whether our decisions and actions match our beliefs. 

Because champions do what they say and follow-through.  

Connection – we believe that relationships count - a lot. We make mistakes, we have flaws, and we don’t always know the answers. But being remarkable begins with being vulnerable...not because we are weak but because our collective strength is born out of our ability to connect, repair and grow; and this strength is more important than any individual talent. 

Because champions put the team before themselves.